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Information regarding the Pool of Siloam, including annual reports, newsletters, and Form 990s are available for download or by calling 318-631-2212


Do I Qualify for the Pool of Siloam services?   

If all of the following statements are true, you qualify for the programs at the Pool of Siloam free medical clinic. 

I have no health insurance  

I do not have Medicaid  

I do not have Medicare  

I do not have Veteran’s Benefits 

My household income (the total income from all individuals living in my house who earns an income – salary, food stamps, disability, and other public assistance) is less 200% of the federal poverty guidelines 

I am willing to be seen in the primary care clinic every 3 to 4 months

Enrollment is done by appointment only.  No walk-in enrollments

If you believe that you qualify for the Pool of Siloam program according to the statements above, then call Michelle at 631-2212 Monday through Thursday 9 am until 1 pm to set an appointment to enroll in the program.

Hours of operation

All clinics operate by appointment only.

Enrollment is done by appointment only.  Sorry, no walk-in enrollments.

Please call Michelle at 631-2212 Monday thru Thursday 9am – 1 pm to make an appointment to enroll.

Do I qualify for services at the Pool of Siloam?

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