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Information regarding the Pool of Siloam, including annual reports, newsletters, and Form 990s are available for download or by calling 318-631-2212


Our Mission

Sharing the Love of Jesus Christ through Medical Ministry


    The Pool of Siloam Medical Ministry began in 2002 as a joint effort by members of two Shreveport Methodist congregations; Faith United Methodist Church, a predominately African-American church in Cedar Grove and Grace Community Church, a primarily Caucasian congregation on Ellerbe Road.        

    The founding board of the Pool recognized that, in spite of the ready availability of state and federally funded health care and social services for selected populations, many people continue to suffer due to lack of medical care.   The board believed that additional local healthcare services were necessary to improve the quality of medical care by providing a mechanism for education and awareness, early recognition by identification of risk factors and screening, providing basic medical care and maximizing utilization of available services and resources. 
          The focus of our ministry, since inception, has been to develop a primary care clinic that meets the health needs of the uninsured and medically underserved residents of our community. We realized from our experience treating indigent patients, that medications and medical supplies would have to be provided free of charge when necessary to insure patient compliance and improved health.

    After obtaining the funding to meet this need, we were able to open in January 2005.

    The clinic has grown steadily and at times very quickly. In the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, our enrollment nearly doubled overnight. 

    In 2007, the Pool moved to the New Room on Greenwood Rd, a facility operated by Grace Community Church. 

    In 2008, the Pool of Siloam launched the Breathe Free Program to serve patients with lung disorders.  In addition to medical care, education and medication, the Pool provides our Breathe Free patients with durable medical equipment (such as oxygen concentrators, nebulizers and CPAP machines) on loan at no cost and smoking cessation programs.

    Also in 2008, the Pool of Siloam Dental Clinic was opened thanks to the generosity of Dr. Jack Ratley who donated the equipment and was the primary dental volunteer for several months.

    The Pool of Siloam became a United Way agency in 2008 and also received funding as a medical homes project through the Biomedical Research Foundation.

    In 2009, the Pool continued to grow.  A record number of patients have been enrolled in the program.

    The Diabetic Eye Clinic is expanding to a full service eye clinic through a unique collaboration with the Louisiana Lions Eye Foundation.  The Pool of Siloam, through generous and talented volunteers, will provide the patient care and the Eye Foundation along with local Lion’s Club chapters will fund the prescription eyeglasses for the patients.

    Also in 2009, the Pool of Siloam has completed its first independent financial audit. 



Office Hours

Monday - Thursday 9am - 1pm

All clinics operate by appointment only.

Enrollment is done by appointment only.  Sorry, no walk-in enrollments.

Please call Michelle at 631-2212 Monday thru Thursday 9am – 1 pm to make an appointment to enroll.

Do I qualify for services at the Pool of Siloam?

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